Tuesday, June 22, 2010

iPad Quick Thoughts

I haven't had a chance to write this up properly, so here are the notes I've been taking since I got my iPad. It's pretty rough right now, but I'll properly polish it up later (read: probably never).


  • keyboard a little hard to get used to. iPhone keyboard at 2x seems to be easier to type on, but that may just be familiarity. Although, I’m getting better at typing in landscape mode. Touch typist using three fingers on each hand. Hard when you have to look at the keys but the text is out of your line of sight. Easy to make mistakes and I’m using the delete key a lot. Bluetooth keyboard tons better, but one more thing to carry around and bring out.
  • definitely need an easy-to-carry stand. Made one out of the packing material with mixed success.
  • a case would be ideal. Especially as I’m planning to sell and buy the next generation when it comes out.
  • haven’t put it down since I got it
  • photo frame is great
  • the number of things I can do with it is limited only by what’s on the App store. I expect I’ll be able to do more as the number of ipad apps increases.


  • reboots quickly, although I haven’t had to do this much
  • using the hell out of the rotation lock, wish I had that on my phone
  • touch typing in landscape mode isn’t so bad, but using a bluetooth keyboard is tons better
  • iBooks is amazing
  • I don’t have to charge my phone as much. Seriously, I’m charging every other day as opposed to daily.
  • I can subscribe to RSS feeds now. But only from the desktop Google reader. Issue with mouse over event


  • can’t upload pictures to Facebook/Flickr
    • using upload via email, but it’s not as slick as if there was an app for it. Consequence of being an early adopter.
  • editing blog posts is difficult
  • no apostrophe on the first page of the keyboard

Still using iPhone versions

  • Skype
  • Twitter (Loren Brichter’s version)
  • Facebook

Battery Test

- put into sleep mode at 6:12am @ 31%
11:27am @ 100%
- We Rule for a bit
11:43am @ 100%

12:10pm @ 100%
- played We Rule and Pocket Legends
- Facebook and web browsing
1:10pm @ 87%
- simplenote update
1:20pm @ 86%

1:52pm @ 85%
- iBooks
2:59 @ 75%

- jack doing web browsing and light usage
5:10 @ 72%
- We Rule, web browsing, ebook reading
6:02pm @ 63%

6:34pm @ 62%
- good reader, web browsing
8:25pm @ 47%
- good reader
- wife and the kids playing games
10:01pm @ 33%

- ebooks and games
11:32 @ 16%