Thursday, January 28, 2010

Flash Bitching

Once again, there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth against the lack of Flash on the iPad. Since it's based on the iPhone OS, the lack of Flash support isn't surprising. However, after reading the multitude of comments deriding the device for this perceived shortcoming, I began to wonder exactly how much Flash impacts my browsing habits.

So, for the next month I'll be updating this post whenever I come across a page that requires Flash support in order to be useful.

Therefore, here are my exceptions:
- YouTube doesn't count. Most of the content is streamed in h264 anyway and, besides, there's an App for that.
- Flash ads, banners, etc. don't count either. I use ClickToFlash for a reason.

I'll start off the first entry with the sites that my son goes to for games:
- assorted others

While searching for Phineas and Ferb episodes, I came across the Phineas and Ferb iPhone App: iTunes Link. It perfectly replicates the games at

Even though the App is $1.99 and the website is free, it's still a viable alternative to the Flash game.

Flash Porn
Saw this today as well:

My purely unscientific, and for research purposes only, survey of major porn sites has revealed that almost all of them have mp4 feeds. Score another one for the iPhone/iPad.

Only one instance of Flash since the last update:

Read in a tweet from @pogue. Cool animation, but these are the kinds of things that I'm thinking HTML5 can do better.

And I'm stopping here. After seeing this, I'm pretty much saying goodbye to Flash.